Artist Bio

I have looked back over the years to when I consciously realized how much I love the outdoors and I can pinpoint it to when I was 6 years old. My parents would often let me play in our North Dakota backyard after snowstorms, mildly supervised, which started my lifelong interest with nature. I continue to have that love for nature and the outdoors some 46 years later. A 1966 camping trip to Yellowstone, while on our move to California, completed the process and forever changed my life. My journey in nature photography started over 30 years ago, photographing landscapes and wildflowers. Since those early days I have seen great change in film, as well as most mediums for professionals. I started shooting Kodachrome 25 & 64 in the 70's and 80's, went on to using the super-saturated Fuji 50 and 100 that continues today, and now on to digital. I continue to shoot both film and digital while out and about. I have thought about what drives me to do what it takes to capture nature's landscapes and wonderful light, I must say it is the experience of that moment that is at the heart of my work. I have spent a fair amount of time cold, wet and exhusted from many miles to get to locations in search of these elements of nature. The experience brings me great happiness. My wife , Dedee, and I moved to Reno in 2002 which at that time connected me to the places I love the most, the high desert and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. My time spent in nature, and the camera have taught me to be patient, as well as observant towards my surroundings and to look for unusual light, clouds and landscapes that occur in the area we call our home. These days my pursuit is fine light, adventure, to experience being in the moment, and most importantly to have fun in the process. I am for the most part self-taught and have attended photography courses at Yuba College, workshops with the late Galen Rowell, stock photographer Ron Sanford, and with Elliot's Photo.